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    How can I make a "backup" of the entire Linux system and restore it when I need?
    I've never done any full backup of Linux wish someone would teach me.

    Thanks a lot!!

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    it depends om what you mean by back up and restore?
    do you want to backup an image of your entire hard drive or do regular backups of your files.
    if you are using btrfs you are already doing daily backups of your root partition.

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    My partitions are ext4... until swap...'
    I would have some problem in use Norton Ghost?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Norton Ghost?
    So you want a hard drive imageing solution, I don't think opensuse is the best choice for that,
    try clonezilla they have a live image specialized in hdd backups

    maybe someone else has a better suggestion

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    Use Clonezilla, very reliable disk imaging.

    Can backup and restore single partitions, or can backup and restore entire drives.
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    When you're talking about disk imaging, <what> is on the disk is unimportant.

    Clonezilla is a free, easy to use solution.

    Norton Ghost and Acronis should also work (they are paid solutions which don't necessarily work better than a free solution like Clonezilla but if you are working in a shop which is already using a product... go ahead and use it).


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