Pretty fresh upgrade to Leap 42.1 from 13.1 all is working well except printing over network.
HP printers on Network. They don't show up in desktop settings and will not print from applications unless CUPS is restarted/started.
I go into yast printers and the printers show up there and the configuration system restarts cups and all is well.
HP manager is sitting happily in system tray.
I can also just do
service cups restart
after a reboot and the printers are accessible.
It seems CUPS is not starting or is starting before the network is up possibly.

Steps I've taken so far. Uninstalled printers and all HP services in yast. Then added everything back via yast printer setup after a reboot.
Googled for this problem in Leap.
Seems I need to tell CUPS to start or Start at the right time.
How do I accomplish this?

This is Wife's machine and I don't want her to have to jump through any hoops just to print understandably and I can't be here all the time to start/restart CUPS manually.