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I have issued the command
zypper rm ucode-amd
and then in YaST made the change permanent through YaST->System->Boot Loader. This seems to have been a bad idea. I can no longer boot the machine to Linux. It stops at "Loading initial ramdisk...", even if I have added "dis_ucode_ldr" to the Linux line during boot.
Hm, to my knowledge it should work when you uninstall that, and I don't see why "dis_ucode_ldr" wouldn't work any more either.

Will I have to reinstall everything to overcome this problem?
Does it maybe work if you try to boot an older kernel in "Advanced Options"?

If you use btrfs, you should also be able to boot a different snapshot and revert back.

Otherwise, you'd have to boot from a Live or installation CD/DVD, switch to your system and maybe reinstall ucode-amd.
Or reinstall, an "Upgrade" should work too and not lose any installed packages.