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Thread: YaST2 Software Management %F error

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    Exclamation YaST2 Software Management %F error

    With a brand new install, most recent Leap OS, Xfce and including all the repositories allowed in setup/installation iso.

    When accessing the System Install/Remove Software at the very beginning, the password is required with 'details' set as
    - sbin/yast2 sw_single %F which gives,

    The following packages have not been found on the medium:

    I am looking to install Irrlicht and an IDE. It does not show any installed programs, just quits the window to desktop. I've had problems with 'installing' software on Linux for a month now with many distro's. That is another issue.

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    Default Re: YaST2 Software Management %F error

    Are you seeing the same problem if you
    - First open YAST (you will be prompted for your root password)
    - Open the YAST applet "Software Management"

    BTW - I don't see your problem (although I'm using MinX instead of XFCE).
    Have you updated your system? Try running the following in a root console and then try opening "Install/Remove Software" again
    zypper up

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