Hi to all.

I've hust update my leap to kde 5.5 using the repo of this guide:


- I hope to solve the problem of the blank icons in systray with this update as the changelog of 5.5 say. The problem, for me, is not solve: dropbox or skype icon are still blank in systray. (also have this problem with 5.4.3)

- If i start the lockscreen i need to reboot the machine beacuse i can see only the lookscreen wallpaper but NO windows to input user's password. (i've not this problem with kde 5.4.3!)

- At every reboot the network manager icon in systray is blank (i've not this problem with kde 5.4.3!) and i need to remove and readd it for solve.

Every of these problem exist also with a fresh new user.

Some suggest? Thanks you guys, byeeee