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Thread: Cannot start GNOME SHELL after installation

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    Question Cannot start GNOME SHELL after installation

    Hi all,

    I installed openSUSE Leap 42.1 a few weeks ago using Plasma5 as default DE. However I've faced some random crashes that I cannot reproduce or have not found a pattern to trigger them and other bugs (which i've come to fix reading bugzilla). Since I'm using this Computer (a Notebook Gateway model NE51B04m CPU AMD E-300, VGA Radeon HD 6310 with proprietary drivers 4GB RAM) for work I already have some files and configuration which I'd not like to start over.

    I installed GNOME-pattern from YAST, everything installed correctly bu the problem is:
    -I try to start GNOME from ssdm, when I do this I get a "something went wrong. Log out" screen.
    -If I try to change my display manager to gdm, I don't even get a log in screen nor a virtual console. and I cannot access KDE or GNOME. To fix this I had to revert display manager back to ssdm to get, at least, a log in screen to KDE.

    What am I missing? What other changes do I need to get GNOME working?

    I've always used KDE, but this last version is just too unstable to work with.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Default Re: Cannot start GNOME SHELL after installation

    How did you install the proprietary driver, via repo or build rpms?

    AFAIK, when building with the rpm method you need to run an option to fix, but this is related to gdm, else the other option is to use lightdm as the login manager.
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    I installed the driver using repo. I will try with lightdm

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