Hello! This is my first time trying opensuse after lots of distro hopping, I've used pretty much every distro. After i managed to make bumblebee work properly it works splendidly. I love this distro and it appears to be stable. But i have couple of problems, it's nothing big but mostly weird. First i cant maximize mpv, i can resize it to full screenm i can go to fullscreen but i cant maximize it stays like in scrot here: http://i.imgur.com/OzvTRNW.png

Second problem is update related, so update works in zypper but yast tray updater has this error message:
A security trust relationship is not present. A security trust relationship could be made with the software origin. Please check your software signature settings.
And Qt Creator is glitched like here http://i.imgur.com/Sq9GE28.png