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    I remember there is a system backup tool in SUSE YAST2. However, I am going through the YAST2 tool in my 13.2 and cannot find it anymore..... I am just wondering is this tool romoved from YAST? Can we find it back?

    thank you vary much.


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    I suspect not. Apart from mysql and a few settings in /etc, everything you would want to backup is in /home. If your system did go down - and mine never has in ten years - you would probably find it quicker to do a fresh install than to restore from a backup which - with the regular patches and updates which openSUSE provides - would probably be out of date in a day or so.

    If you really do want to keep a backup of your system as opposed to your /home partition, I suspect that clonezilla or something similar would do the job.

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