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    I'm playing around with my suse xfce built with studio and I have made a conky with a lots of parts from here and there.
    Can anyone confirm me, please if this part is correct to show the available updates:
    # |--UPDATES
    UPDATES ${alignr}${font HandelGotD:size=8}
    Available: ${alignr}${font HandelGotD:size=8}${color1}${execi 3600 zypper list-updates | wc -l | tail} ${color}${font HandelGotD:size=8}${color2}Packages${color}
    Suse it's the best!!

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    Might be better to script it (place in /etc/cron.hourly) and pop the output to a temp file since root needs to refresh and just cat the file in conky;

    zypper ref
    myresult=`zypper list-updates |wc -l|bc -l`
    echo $myresult - 3|bc -l > /tmp/pkg_update_totals
    Then in conky, just use cat /tmp/pkg_update_totals for the result.
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    Thanks, it's getting great my suse xfce.

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