My system enviroment is host os: OS X 10.11.1 with vmware fusion 8.0 and guest os is opensuse 13.2 32bit. I have enbaled file sharing in vmware and the shared folder is, say, down, and I have no problem accessing it in another guest OS windows 10. Then before I install vmware tools in opensuse I have the 3 prerequisites: gcc, make and kernel-headers installed first without problem, next the vmware tools installed successfully without any problems (not even the cannot find kernel-headers problem) and I can copy and paste between the os x and opensuse. vmware-hgfsclient command shows me that shared folder "down" is there and then I: mkdir down in /mnt/hfgs, next I tried to mount the shared folder: sudo mount -t vmhgfs .host:/down /mnt/hgfs/down
however the system gave me the following error message: Error: cannot mount filesystem: Invalid argument
any idea of how to solve this problem? It's been weeks that this problem drove me crazy Thanks~!