Hello all. I decided to do a clean install of Tumbleweed KDE to replace 13.1. So far everything works as expected except I just noticed that the "Sound" module in Yast doesn't work. It won't fully load when I click on it. The YaST2-Sound application window comes up but just hangs and shows the spinning wheel and nothing else. It's hung for about half an hour. I can't get rid of the window even though I can close YaST itself. I've tried pkill, killall command. I've tried killing it using htop and it just won't go away. Please note that my sound actually DOES work. It's just that the YaST sound module won't load and the application window won't go away.

I verified that yast2-sound is installed on my system. So my questions are: 1. How to get the sound module in YaST working properly? 2. How do I kill this application window that refuses to die ?