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The Case is that it checks for updates everyday (actually it seems to me several times in a day as i got 2-3 updates during my work) and in its properties i told it to check for updates only once in a month. But the app doesn't care. It just checks for updates as it was doing (several times a day). Is that a problem for you too? How do you deal with it? What can you suggest me?
On my main desktop, I disabled that update applet (in system tray settings).

My normal practice is to reboot twice a week (to boot into Windows so that its anti-virus can update). So I use "zypper up" just before a reboot. I don't use that update applet.

On a second test system, I did leave the update applet in place in tray settings, just to see what it does. You are right, that it seems to check several times a day. Also, it tells me that there's an error, and that I should look at the full error message, but it never tells me where to find the full error message.

I'm pretty sure that the error is because my install media (usb) is still enabled as a repo, but normally not plugged in. I set that repo to not auto-refresh. And "zypper up" and "Yast only update" seem happy about that, and only prompts me when they want to install something from the USB. But the update applet complains without details, but then continues and handles update properly anyway.