My laptop upgraded itself yesterday to Leap from OpenSuse 13.2 and I wish it hadn't... however, thanks for everyone's hard work on this and it looks to be good.

A couple of niggles -

widgets - these don't look nearly as nice as the old ones - not very sleek and modern in my view (eg disk space used) and it means I have to reconfigure the way I had my desktop but won't be adding any widgets for the time being. When you add widgets on one desktop it adds them to all - not like 13.2

desktops - when you set a background on one desktop it sets it for all - which is a pity. Also, I can't read the image files - they show as empty although if you select on they can be set to the desktop.

how can i change the colour of the panel - doesn't seem to have that option?

Can't get Yast to open software updates and install/remove software utility.

Can I undo the upgrade and go back to my previous 13.2?