I seen in several places on the forums before about it not being good practice to have so many different repositories in Software Repositories manager. Yet, you almost *need* some repos in order to keep those applications updated etc. So far I've really only have been adding two additional / non-official repos for Mozilla and Packman, in order to get the Firefox, Thunderbird, and VLC player installed.

Question 1 though, is it alright to just add Packman in order to install VLC player and VLC codecs, then remove Packman repo before doing zypper up / zypper dup? In order to prevent a lot of packages from changing vendor from OpenSuse to Packman etc? Usually after I add Packman, I'll install VLC and VLC codecs and then zypper dup, it will change many thing's vendors from OpenSuse to Packman. If I remember correctly, once you remove Packman repo, then vlc and vlc codecs gets removed/deleted too?

I'd rather not have the vendors change for so many things from OpenSuse to Packman, and hope to try and keep things officially OpenSuse, except for the VLC and VLC codecs. Or should I install VLC from Software Manager, and only add / include Packman repo for the VLC codecs, then remove Packman repo before doing zypper dup? It's confusing as to why all those packages get upgraded / change vendors, but maybe because Packman olds more updated versions of all those packages where OpenSuse's original packages aren't fully updated versions?