I am trying to install the VMware Horizon Client on my OpenSuse 13.2 with KDE 4.14.4. It comes down as a bundle file. After I have made it executable I go to my command line and su and ./ the command. Then I get:

Extracting VMware Installer...done.
Attempt to unlock mutex that was not locked
/tmp/vmis.ZiCPCN/install/vmware-installer/vmware-installer: line 57: 7441 Aborted VMWARE_INSTALLER="$VMWARE_INSTALLER" VMISPYVERSION="$VMISPYVERSION" "$VMWARE_INSTALLER"/vmis-launcher "$VMWARE_INSTALLER"/vmware-installer.py "$@"

What am I missing. This is a fresh install just last Wednesday. Haven't really done anything with the system yet. Just not getting to set it up.

All help is greatly appreciated!