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Thread: kernel-desktop missing from /Kernel:/stable/standard

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    Default kernel-desktop missing from /Kernel:/stable/standard

    I'm running openSUSE 13.2, 64 bits. For hardware support problems I'm using the /Kernel:/stable/standard/ repo. Since some time (I'm not sure how long) I only get updates for kernel-devel, kernel-macros (both at 4.2.3-3.1) and kernel-firmware but not for kernel-desktop nor kernel-desktop-devel (they are both at 4.2.2-1.1). In fact, looking directly on the repo both packages are missing, only kernel-default is present. Any idea?


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    Default AW: kernel-desktop missing from /Kernel:/stable/standard

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    Default Re: AW: kernel-desktop missing from /Kernel:/stable/standard

    Thanks! I missed that thread. Now I switched to kernel-default and everything seems OK.

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