I want to display on screen which shortcuts/hotkeys I press during my live presentations.

What is the easiest way to achieve this on Suse 13.2 with KDE?

I already tried to install "key-mon", which seems to do what I want, but I failed installing it properly: Version 1.16 is contained in the X11:Utilities Repository, but it crashes with a bug that says that it does not know how to handle .svg graphics. Googling tells me to install "python-xlib", but this is already installed, as well as its devel version. So I downloaded key-mon 1.17 from the repository, but this complains even earlier about this - probably due to expecting different paths? I gave up at this point, on one hand, since key-mon seems abandoned ("archived"?!) and on the other due to my inexperience (for several years I always found what I needed in the extensive Suse community repositories thus far).

What I want: when I am giving a lecture containing some live coding demonstrations, I want my students to see which shortcut key combination I pressed, as they always ask. So it would be ideal if some tool could briefly display the Alt-/Ctrl-/Meta- Keycombinations in some corner of the screen, just like it is done in Screencast-Recording applications.