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Thread: Leap 42.1 Beta - post your comments here

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    Default Re: Leap 42.1 Beta - post your comments here

    Quote Originally Posted by Zabander View Post
    Release Candidate 1 is out!!
    Yes. I just started a new thread for comments.
    openSUSE Leap 15.1; KDE Plasma 5;

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    Default Re: Leap 42.1 Beta - post your comments here

    Just installed build 0235 few days ago on my PC. The problem is, I have always kwin5 crashing and no NVIDIA repo's for 42.1 so I just download latest nvidia WHQL and run sh to install the DKMS driver module install. It's work fine with nvidia-settings, but something is wrong with my VSYNC or maybe refresh rate are not function properly, the fact is I have OpenGL capabilites, but if I run for example Teeworlds, I got horizontal tearing it's like some buffering problem, the top of the screen is rendered slightly faster then the bottom and that's create lines of tearing in the middle of the screen. And it's like poor performance compared to the gameplay on PC-BSD 10.2 or Ubuntu 14.04.03 x64. I have a great hardware btw, so I think it's not a hardware problem, but rather KDE 5 Plasma session bug with kwin5 and or so related. I have asus ENGTX580 DCII 1536Mb (original firmware, throttling are work just fine according to nvidia-setting applet and temps are around 40C IDLE +i recently changed all thermal paste on NB/SB/CPU/GPU and both CPU/GPU VRM's) + Q9300 + striker II NSE (extreme BIOS 1404) + 8Gb (4 channels 2+2 two slightly different corsair kits in there but full QA tested with memtest 4/5ver. both respectively)... And the point is of I describing here the specs for that purpose for you to understand, I have PCBSD+Ubuntu 14.04.03 LTS x64 on the other hdd's with different loaders not affecting each other so it's not multiple dual boot system, in fact it is, but with 1:1 bios prio switchable 1 drive 1 distro. So I have no such behavior in PCBSD 10.2 and Ubuntu 14.04.03 LTS both x64 redaction.

    (my monitor is Dell U2412M I have compiled DKMS by nvidia sh and allowing to write xserver xorg configuration by official nvidia installer, so I do not have manual possible "dirty" edits in any Xserver Xorg related configuration files) I used up to download and install these latest WHQL NVIDIA drivers from here:

    I cannot reply with any info cause I am really do not find whether I should provide these information cause KDE applet seems not filled with supposed feedback addresses (so there no way to provide any feedback to KDE developers of openSUSE devs) and I've already searched your bugzilla tracker and could not find any respective 42.1 link related to these "latest development release" and it's sad and kinda frustrating me, I wonder how developers on these "leap" gather bug reports at all, cause I am not average user and interestingly found myself hard to discover whether I can provide GDB info for devs. And I see that there KDE packages just like dropped there for "wish me a luck" there is no maintainer for them or nobody interested in upgrading them since KDE developers + NVIDIA just bring their blobs togather I know it is not openSUSE itself problem rather my problem. But in example PC-BSD and Ubuntu or Mint keep me memories of providing good nvidia vga cards support out of the box and even 13.1-13.2 openSUSE has good support of nvidia blobs, at least it has repo's. Perhaps its too early to say, but when I played on 13.1 and 13.2 with KDE like default installs from original DVD's I am also experiencing performance drops and VSYNC/refresh rate sluggish slow downs and stuttering in games ( for example) comparing to just perfectly smooth running same games under the Ubuntu distribution 14.04.03, 14.10, 15.04, 15.10 ans so on moreover different flauvors Mate ubuntu, Kubuntu and ubuntu with KDE support to be honest I run not fully Kubuntu but only ubuntu+KDE environment but anyway 4.13.2 KDE doesnt give me such strange VSYNC issues like in OpenSUSE disto itself, gnome ubuntu.

    And thats kind of frustrating me cause I am not an average Linux user just jumping of from buggy Windows 10 releases and they are terrible in much ways, but always want to same performance levels on my openSUSE system like it does in PCBSD or Ubuntu/Mint. I am not running Debian with these vga card, only run it once on intel atom vga and's vga has no such problems like nvidia.

    Perhaps is my vga card running in trouble cause I recently experiencing many windows 10 BSOD related to dx, dxgi, nvldkm windows drivers, then flash my vga BIOS with downgrading VBIOS rom EEPROM image file from the same ENGTX DCII model which is in fact save my day accidently causing fixing up whole artifacted POST+neverending nightmare never loading to desktop issue ...

    Nevermind, if you not goes for TLDR feel free to ask me in personal or write me e-mail.

    If not nvidia card performance problem, I found both openSUSE releases are well proved for stability and smooth work, only once I have BTRFS problems when I updated from 13.1 to 13.2 and I think it's my wrong issued commands broke some sort of things.

    And it's a strange default FS layout XFS for home user directory, BTRFS for the others. It's nice but still, the recent 4.3 kernel releases have a lot of code cleanups as phoronix post in news, so I am using it for now, but I am afraid of stability issues, that's why I used up ext4 on ubuntu. PCBSD well I have freeNAS once a pon a time broken up ZFS storage pools on updates, so I am using ZFS on PCBSD 10.2 for now, but way too afraid of same can happens again but with their main OS product.

    So, in the end of a day, I am forced to using Ubuntu/Debian derived distro's + a little bit of testing experience with PC-BSD, while I cannot agreed with the level of performance which openSUSE provides me in games that I recently play and I use PC only for these purposes, hopefully sometimes it will be changes and I wait for 42.1 release.

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    Default Re: Leap 42.1 Beta - post your comments here

    And one more thing, it seems I can't post from latest Mozilla Firefox here on site cause of TLS errors which is disabled by default for now in Firefox due to security reasons, so I writes these post with help of Chromium. Just a tip, I report these with mozilla. Thank you for your great Leap efforts.

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    Default Re: Leap 42.1 Beta - post your comments here

    Quote Originally Posted by Sergey1984qq View Post
    Just installed build 0235 few days ago on my PC.
    Build 0235 is not openSUSE-42.1 LEAP Beta. Rather it is openSUSE-42.1 LEAP Release Candidate1 (RC1). This thread is for the older Beta.

    You will find the newer RC1 thread here:

    Further, wrt the kwin5 crashing that you are seeing, likely it is what has already been reported, and a work around fix posted in the RC1 thread. Take a look at post#18 here:

    Edit: and before I forget ... WELCOME to openSUSE and welcome to our forum.
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    Default Re: Leap 42.1 Beta - post your comments here

    On Mon, 28 Sep 2015 16:18:51 GMT
    Graham P Davis <> wrote:

    > On Sat, 26 Sep 2015 19:56:01 GMT
    > tannington <> wrote:
    > >
    > > Cloddy;2729599 Wrote:
    > > > ... Had the usual graphics trouble and freeze-up so had another
    > > > hack at ...

    > >
    > > @Cloddy
    > >
    > > Whilst searching in relation to a problem I recently came across, I
    > > found these bug reports:
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > > Any relevance there to the graphics issues you've been having?
    > >

    > Yes, thanks. After seeing this, I was going to add these links to the
    > bug report but Hvroje Senjan beat me to it.

    I've now replaced the kernel with kernel-default 4.3 from
    So far, so good.

    However, I won't be using Leap until Dolphin is fixed. The new version
    does not reopen windows and tabs from the previous session. Bit of a
    deal-breaker for me.

    Graham P Davis, Bracknell, Berks.
    openSUSE 13.2 (64-bit); KDE 4.14.9; AMD Phenom II X2 550 Processor;
    Kernel: 4.2.5; Video: nVidia GeForce 210 (Driver: nouveau);
    Sound: ATI SBx00 Azalia (Intel HDA)

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