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Thread: Problem with KDE applications running in gnome

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    Default Problem with KDE applications running in gnome


    I am using gnome on 13.2. Everything is up to date.
    Starting in week 33 (so somewhere between the 10th and the 14th of august) I am experiencing problem with KDE applications. I did an update back then with lots of changes, as I didn't update for about 3-4 weeks (vacation).
    Now every now and then all QT applications (at least amarok, kate, skype) are using strange fonts, don't display menu entries (on mouse over, the appear again, but disappear again, when leaving the area with the mouse again), some frames are transparent, some are just white, most of them are misaligned and have a different size as usual. Maybe the screenshots help to explain it better than my words.

    Restarting the gone shell does not help (didn't think it would...). Restarting X solves the problem.

    Does anybody have an idea where to look?


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    Default Re: Problem with KDE applications running in gnome

    No idea, but you could try:

    1) change the kde theme in gnome (I suppose there's something like that, as there is for gnome apps in KDE)

    2) rename the .kde4 folder or create a test user, and see if the problem continues.

    3) check for mismatched Qt4 and Qt5 or Plasma libraries - checking what repos you have enabled are a good starting point.

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    Default Re: Problem with KDE applications running in gnome

    Have you <really> updated your system properly?
    If you haven't, run the following in a root console and see if it solves your issues
    zypper up

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