Hi all,
I don't really know if this is the right forum section to post this question. I haven't found a more suited section, so here we go.

My root partition is full. It is 41 GiBs big and it has 36 MiBs free.

I followed installation defaults, so my root partition is BTRFS while my home partition is XFS.

I do not understand very well BTRFS snapshots. I mean, I know what a snapshot is, but I don't know why and when they are created when using BTRFS on OpenSUSE.

I tried to estimate how much space is used by the snapshots by doing a "du -h" on the /.snapshots tree, but I got 223 GiBs which is clearly not possible on a 41 GiBs partition.
I am almost sure BTRFS is using hard links so the mismatch in size is easily explained, but that still does not answer my question: am I at one step from disaster?

If so, what should I do to prevent it? May I remove some snapshots, or should I extend somehow the partition?

Thank you in advance.