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Thread: Xfce mouse pointer theme problem

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    Default Xfce mouse pointer theme problem

    Here is the problem: xfce does not seem to set mouse pointer theme correctly. Correct pointer appearance is shown in few windows, but default is used in others.

    I know, that it's a lot of info about it, but I just don't get it. The problem emerged in 2007, I guess. Itsn't it solved yet?

    I tried some solutions, but noting worked on my xfce 4.10. So I installed 4.12 and it's not working too. Even more -- if any theme is selected for pointer, xfce4-terminal (and some other applications too) fails to start. It just crashes with segmentation fault.

    Despite I don't really care about pointer skin, I'm curious: is there a proper solution for this 8-year-old problem?

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    Default Re: Xfce mouse pointer theme problem

    Is your home 8 years old also may be a miss config in the config files in you home. New versions don't in general change exiting settings so maybe it is time to zap the configs and redo the desktop???

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    Maybe gogalthorp is right.
    I am using xfce 4.12 and the mouse is okay.
    I tried changing it from white to black, blue and yellow before I replied
    and seems okay with firefox, bricscad, blender, thunar etc.
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