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Thread: buliding npm from source: some gcc fail probably

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    Default buliding npm from source: some gcc fail probably

    I dl node from source so I extract it tried ./configure get this
     Traceback (most recent call last): 
      File "./configure", line 992, in <module> 
      File "./configure", line 530, in configure_node 
        o['variables']['gcc_version'] = 10 * cc_version[0] + cc_version[1] 
    IndexError: tuple index out of range
    I mainly did this cuase I have some dependency problems with some node modules depening on others so I did it this way remove node repo at all and try it from source
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    Default Re: buliding npm from source: some gcc fail probably

    I wrote this a few days ago, including a section about Tumbleweed.

    For TW, I describe configuring the special 13.2 nodejs repo, and installing nodejs which automatically pulls in "npm-bundle."
    With the resulting npm, I've succesfully searched for packages and installed them from the official nodejs repos (not openSUSE).


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