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    Quote Originally Posted by jonte1 View Post
    Is this a "big" thing to write about? Yes it is if you have + 25 000 photos.

    Yes, mysql is better suited than sqlite for big databases. That's one of the reasons why Akonadi and Amarok use mysql by default or meanwhile as only option even (in the latter case).

    I never used digikam's mysql support though (actually I'm not using digikam at all myself), so I haven't noticed that it's missing since the update to 4.6.0.
    And the openSUSE maintainers probably didn't notice it either because of the same reasons.

    Reported as bug 939431 .[/QUOTE]
    Thanks, I will take care of that.

    As mentioned, the version 4.11 in KDE:Extra does have mysql support enabled again already, and it's on its way to Tumbleweed.

    Oh I was whining already in January -post #37.
    Well, whining about random things in random posts is most often not the best way to get things fixed...

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    FYI, I updated my digikam5 package to the latest git version again.
    The digikam developers made DNG converter optional now and disabled it by default (with the comment "crashes on some systems"... )
    Needless to say, that I leave it disabled, it works fine here.

    For the future: my plan is to follow the stable releases as soon as 5.0.0 is officially available, like I do with all other packages in my repo.
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    A small update:
    digikam 4.11.0 (with mysql support enabled) is in the Tumbleweed repo meanwhile.
    The update for 13.2 is running and will be released some time next week.

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