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Thread: CADD app ?

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    Opensuse 13.2

    I am looking for a simple app that will let me do some rudimentary landscape design so that I can show the wife what I am proposing. She has a difficult time "picturizing" what I am proposing.
    Preferrably the app will have some built in objects like fences, trees, bushes, etc., and will let me drag and drop them.

    openSUSE 13.2

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    You could try looking at this thread:

    Blender is certainly one option.

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    Blender is a steep learning curve but it does do well if you have the touch.

    There is a program called freecad in the repos. Have no experience with it but it is handy to take a look at. As far as I can see there don't seem to be any "CAD" like programs that are specialized as landscape layout. I have seen a couple for Windows maybe they may run in wine.

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