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Thread: install qtcreator to use gcc5

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    Default install qtcreator to use gcc5

    Hi, I'm using opensuse tumbleweed 64bit for the first time now, I installed gcc5 and gcc5-c++ with YasT , I want to install qtcreator so I selected libqt5-creator and clicked accept, YasT showed me what packages will be installed, I noticed that one of them is gcc(4.8) along with other gcc48 related , I have gcc already installed and I want to use the new version.

    So do I just proceed with the installation and configure qtceator later or is there an alternative ? thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: install qtcreator to use gcc5

    My understanding is the Tumbleweed is in transaction just now. Wait a week while things are moved to the new compiler. Note there also appears to be a compliler version problem between tumbleweed and packman at the moment due to the versions being changed.

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