I installed a fresh Tumbleweed from the latest ISO download as a "Minimal server selection (text mode)".
I'm still on the console with root (I'll switch to non-root after sshd is configured).

On the console with root:

1. After the install, yast displayed the line-drawing characters fine.
2. After reboot, it doesn't.

How can I fix this?

In-between install and reboot, I installed a bunch of patterns:

- Enhanced Base System
- Console Tools
- File Server
- Network Administration
- Mail and News Server
- Web and LAMP Server
- Internet Gateway
- DHCP and DNS Server

Finally I did this:

- zypper dup
- reboot

Now yast line drawing characters are garbage

During the installation, I choose English as language and timezone Europe/Netherlands

This is how yast looks now (boy I'm glad with http://wiert.me/2013/08/23/esxi-quic...n-png-format):

This is how it looked before reboot: