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Thread: vsftp on opensuse 13.2

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    Default vsftp on opensuse 13.2

    used to configure vsftp (directory, user and vsftpd.conf)
    vsftp server running using YAST. firewall port open (but i think this does not apply on the local host).
    when ftp-ing to the local host, I get my personalized ftpd_banner , the user name and password is requested..
    however, after entering the password, following message is shown

    421 Service not available, remote server has closed connection.

    when i give a wrong password, an incorrect password message is displayed, it seems that there is authentication.

    somebody any ideas what i am missing?

    newbie to linux and ftp

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    Default Re: vsftp on opensuse 13.2

    More than likely the article you reference is based on the original instructions included with your vsftpd install.
    I recommend you try following the original instructions, the following command should display
    less /usr/share/doc/packages/vsftpd/EXAMPLE/VIRTUAL_USERS/README
    Besides that README, you can reference the examples in that same folder
    ls -l /usr/share/doc/packages/vsftpd/EXAMPLE/VIRTUAL_USERS/
    In fact, you may want to at least skim the other docs at that location
    ls -l /usr/share/doc/packages/vsftpd/EXAMPLE
    IIRC sometimes I ran into a similar issue if the FTP directory was empty. Try putting a sample/test file in the directory.


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    Default Re: vsftp on opensuse 13.2

    creating a virtual user database should not be needed when entry local_enable=YES is in vsftpd.conf, similar for anonymous_enable=YES enabling user login 'anonymous'
    As newbie, I like to keep it as simple as possible.

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