I have a problem with google go rpm package. I think that it boils down to unusual format of header of *.a files. They are found in $GOROOT/.pkg/linux_amd64/**/*.a .

If I download go binaries from official page (https://golang.org/dl/), in all these files second line begins with __.PKGDEF.

Hoverer, if I download packages from openSuse (http://download.opensuse.org/reposit...languages:/go/), second line begins with __.PKGDEF/. At least in the packages, which I checked (e.g. math/rand.a), but I assume that this is a rule.

This, in turn, causes problems for tools like gcimporter and stringer, which expect __.PKGDEF in header. You can find more details, where I have already asked for help (with no luck yet): Stack Overflow and golang-nuts group I have already tried to get some help on , but unfortunately with no luck.

Do you know, why *.a files for openSuse have this __.PKGDEF/ in header? Maybe, you have already encountered problem of gcimporter and/or stringer no working correctly on openSuse?