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Thread: PCF and BDF fonts on Opensuse?

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    Default PCF and BDF fonts on Opensuse?

    I recently installed latest Opensuse 13.2 with XFCE DE.

    One thing I found lacking was support for pcf and bdf fonts overall. I have a bunch of them from artwiz to Tewi and Neep fonts in pcf formats. How do I get Opensuse and all applications (terminals, browser..) to use them? Is there any configuration that am missing. Searched the forum and on web but found references only to enabling bmp fonts on Debian. Incidentally Gohu is the only font in gzipped pcf format that I can use currently. So, there is some support but can I get it across for other types as well?

    Thanks for any help.


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    Default Re: PCF and BDF fonts on Opensuse?

    Use the Font Management in KDE ( ALT+F2 -> Font Management -> Add )
    as root
    Copy them to /usr/share/fonts/misc and run mkfontdir there and that oughta do it.
    as your normal user
    copy them to /home/username/.fonts/ and run mkfontdir there

    More than one way to do it.
    .: miuku #suse @

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