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Thread: Kdenlive: "invalid clip" when trying to import MP3 file

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    Default Kdenlive: "invalid clip" when trying to import MP3 file

    I installed kdenlive with all possible dependencies I found around (libmlt, melt, libavcodec, ffmpeg...) from the Packman repository. I'm able to import and play a MP4 file taken by my phone, but I cannot import a simple MP3 track. I always get the "invalid clip" message. Any ideas why? I suppose I forgot to install some dependency, or I have an incorrect version of some library...

    Maybe if someone who is able to import MP3 files with kdenlive could post his current configuration (package versions, used repositories...).

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    Default Re: Kdenlive: "invalid clip" when trying to import MP3 file

    Okay. It seems to be fixed.

    I converted the mp3 to wav and ogg, but I wasn't able to import either of them, still getting the same "invalid clip" message. My further investigation led to a discovery that I'm not able to play any of those files using ffplay. It crashed with a message Invalid data found when processing input and in the error output I found a line ffplay WARNING: library configuration mismatch. (I'm writing this so that anyone with similar symptoms could find this in the future).

    I opened software manager in Yast, used search to find all ffmpeg related packages and I forced them to update. There was some kind of conflict, so several packages were completely removed, some other packages were updated by a minor version and some were simply reinstalled. After that ffplay started to work and consequently I was able to finally import those tracks to kdenlive.

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