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Thread: Shortcut to change keyboard layout?

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    Default Shortcut to change keyboard layout?

    How do I alternate between keyboard layouts using shortcuts(such as WindowsKey + Space in Windows)? I tried to search the forum, but all that pops up are questions concerning the change of layout in YaST, which I know how do to but is extremely annoying to use on a regular basis.

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    And what Desktop Environment are you using?

    In KDE the default combination is Ctrl+Alt+K, but you can change it in "Configure Desktop"->"Shortcuts and Gestures"->"Global Shortcuts" (component "Keyboard Layout Switcher" or similar)

    But you have to setup multiple keyboard layouts first in "Configure Desktop"->"Input Devices"->"Keyboard"->"Layouts".
    Doing so should automatically add a switcher icon to the system tray (unless you disable that explicitely), and you can even set keyboard shortcuts to switch to each particular layout.
    You can also switch by left-clicking on that icon then, and reach the settings via right-click.
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    I'm using KDE, forgot to include it. That did the trick, everything now works as expected, thanks.

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