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Thread: Asymptote and OpenGL

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    Default Asymptote and OpenGL

    I am having a problem with using Asymptote in 13.2 (also was an issue in 12.3 but I've upgraded). When I use the 3D functionality, Asymptote uses OpenGL to render things, specifically using libGLU. I receive a number of debug messages from libGLU. Tracing the history of this, it seems that libGLU was updated in to include a compile flag -DNDEBUG that will suppress the generation of these debug error messages. Yet, I am seeing them, thousands of the form:

    arc_ccw_turn, p = 0
    case a

    It seems that 13.2 has installed version of libGLU, which should include this fix but I don't believe that it was compiled this way for the SUSE release.
    So, I believe that libGLU needs to be rebuilt with this flag set. Is this something that I should attempt on my own?



    PS I've tried removing the texlive-asymptote package and installing asymptote on my own but I cannot get it to build on my system. All of the 3D .asy files for the man package fail to compile, which I believe is related to the problem with OpenGL.

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    I have recompiled the libGLU library (obtained from, with the -DNDEBUG switch set in the Makefile. I had difficulty getting the make system to recognize the --disable-debug flag, so I editted the Makefile directly. Error messages have vanished. Asymptote works again.

    For some reason, -DDEBUG is the default when compiling libGLU. This should not be the case.


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