an issue in another thread has reminded me of a long standing issue I have with dropbox-servicemenu from the KDE-Extra repo

If I select a file in my dolphin/dropbox folder and right click>dropbox>send ~

I get the error warning
You can generate public URL only for files and directories that are in your dropbox public folder
Now, it seems that dropbox-servicemenu hasn't been updated since 2012

In 2012 Dropbox dropped support for Public Folders and switched to a different sharing method. If you created your account before (or in early 2012) the public folder remained but for new accounts there is no public folder.

Dropbox help states new users can also create a public folder - but only for premium accounts - not free accounts.

Obviously dropbox-servicemenu hasn't been updated since the change was implemented. As I only have a free account, whenever I want to share something I need to do it from the website as the servicemenu doesn't work for me.

Does anyone know if dropbox-servicemenu is still maintained or if there is an alternative (that can be used in KDE/dolphin)?

currently using dropbox-servicemenu 0.16.1-2.1