Hi! I use Totem (now called "Videos" in Gnome) on a regular basis and I use it as well to watch online-videos (such as the LinuxActionShow) via the cmd+L/"open internet stream" option; Now here's my issue: I did add some online videos (it's three ones), but something must have gone wrong: Now, each of them appears about 100 times in my library (is "library" the correct word? I mean the overview vindow you see when starting Totem…). Just loading the icons takes ages and of course it's a horrible mess.
I'd like to simply get rid of these. And it would also be okay if I had to re-import all other videos – I only have few video files saved on my machine.

What I did (but it did not help):
  1. I manually clicked on all 300+ video icons and then on "delete" in Totem
  2. I deleted ~/.config/totem

Any advice is well appreciated!