Hi there, I'm designing an automated installation service on my LAN using AutoYaST, and I've observed that several points doesn't work as expected. I've read the documentation here and here and some aspects doesn't work.

For instance:

  • If I use a MAC address as filename for an installation file, YaST doesn't find it automatically.
  • In a XML file, the users section is ignored.
  • The root password definition is ignored.
  • The firewall section is also ignored.

And I've found this on the wiki: "There are also updated packages for various network tools like Samba, AutoYaST and more". What means that? Maybe the new version of AutoYaST is not documented yet? Where can I find the right specifications?

Here is my autoinst.xml file with all the wrong sections: http://paste.opensuse.org/23134444 What is wrong?