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Thread: Tons of 32bit on 64bit system

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    Hi there,
    is it normal that I keep on getting tons of 32bit Versions on my 64bit system installed every time I update via Yast? Many times both versions get installed alongside, and I have the feeling by now almost half of all applications are installed twice. That's quite exaggerated but it's really a lot . At first I thought something went wrong during installation and installed new. But it keeps on happening everytime. Is it meant to be that way? I have the feeling it starts whenever I install LMMS. Somehow I will always find Wine 32bit and Mesa 32bit afterwards.

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    Well every 32 bit app requires 32 bit libs. Also some are installed just in case you need them. I have not noticed a lot but then I generally don't run 32 bit apps. Wine and such may need a lot of them since most Windows programs are still 32 bit.

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