Background information: I started my posistion as student and I.T for my school and I have only used Linux for a little under a week about a year ago and didnt much like it, I went to windows after that, Now as a beginner I.T at my school I need to use OpenSUSE KDE as my operating system.

Need Help:
So I uploaded OpenSUSE KDE on my computer and went through the whole set up and got everything running, but it looks like ****, the theme is too bright and the colors are weird and hurt my eyes(due to minor color blindness) So i was thinking about getting a new theme, So i went to the start button on the lower left side of the screen and clicked it went to the search bar and searched "Themes" Clicked Desktop theme and then saw that I have a few like Air and Dark, And then a download themes button. I go there and install one, and then back out and it wasnt in the folder that had all the other themes.

Can anyone help me with this issue? I would like something like the below picture, Does that mean that I will need to downlaod YaST?
(Here is a link to where I found this picture:

Also does anyone know how to get that bar on the right side where it says kernel version and CPU1 and CPU details?