Hello to the forum from a beginner.
OS:13.2 on a dual boot with Win7
Installed LAMP using http://en.opensuse.org/SDB:LAMP_setup
Successful down to gaining access to phpMyAdmin at http://localhost/phpMyAdmin/
Found the root admin page and the "Users" listing.
Then did the stupid thing ......
  • created a new user with same privelages [by changing root to NewUserName]
  • do not change password
  • revoke all active ... from old one and delete ....

Have a screenshot showing that the new user was created (at top section of phpMyAdmin window)
Had a "Loading" bar for a long time.
Cannot remember exactly how that ended or what I did next.
But the result is now that I can enter phpMyAdmin as the NewUserName but have no privelages - and cannot se the users options and so can do nothing.
In Dolphin - browsed to root>etc>my.cnf.d - but get error "Could not enter folder"
Have also tried
Using the 5 steps suggested but I am inexperienced and so messed up step 2.

Any suggestions would be appreciated - and am perfectly willing to remove all traces and do a fresh install but understand that this has to be done correctly or some old config files can mess with a new installation.