This post is regarding Machine #1 [signature]

Since I have upgraded to opensuse 13.2 [fresh install] the mouse [wired, optical] has been behaving oddly. To eliminate any hardware issues, I tried a couple of new ones, but the problem persists.

Problem - When the mouse is right clicked for the drop down menu, it has to be clicked several times for the dropdown menu to stay open, so something can be selected.

This happens in:
a] internet browsers [firefox, chrome, chromium, but not Konqueror]
b] in the file Manager Dolphin

The browser versions are:
firefox 35.0-9.1
chrome 39.0.2171.71-1
chromium 39.0.2171.65-4.4

File manager version is:
Dolphin 14.12.1-8.21

I know there are other browsers and file managers out there and I could certainly try others suggested to if it would test or correct the problem.
Anyone have any idea where I might start to look to solve this dilemma?