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Thread: KDEInit cannot start „/usr/bin/ark“

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    Default KDEInit cannot start „/usr/bin/ark“

    hello daar opensuse experts

    run opensuse version 13.2 on a notebook

    just donwloaded a file - a wordpress-plugin - that is a file that normally activates ark

    but not so todayy:

    i got an error: this one

    error kmozillahelper

    KDEInit cannot start „/usr/bin/ark“

    why is this so?

    love to hear from you
    dilbert ;-)
    Wordpress-development - a Toolset:

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    Default Re: KDEInit cannot start „/usr/bin/ark“

    Hi, did you check that this file exists and has the right permissions? HTH LEnwolf

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