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Thread: Fixing spell check on Firefox - wrong dictionary

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    Default Fixing spell check on Firefox - wrong dictionary

    It's been driving me mad - whenever I fill in a form (ie using the gmail interface) Firefox has been defaulting the spell check to en-CU instead of en-GB. It's an annoyance and usually I'm trying to do something else and don't much want to look into it. Some google searches seem to have people stuck with different default spellings, but tend to have various solutions or diagnosis instructions specific to other distributions

    For the record, in Firefox about:config I had:
    and tried:
    in case that was doing something.

    My solution, in the end, was to:

    su root
    cd /usr/share/myspell
    mkdir force_default
    cp en-GB* force_default
    Then, going back to firefox and typing into the URL bar:
    I changed
    spellchecker.dictionary_path from: /usr/share/myspell/

    This problem may be unique to me, or there may be another solution. But it will do for now. You could also just delete all the other dictionaries in /usr/share/myspell, I guess, but I'm a non-destructive sort of guy!
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