Opensuse 13.2 fresh install yesterday, did all of the updates and installed Chromium from yast.

Youtube and Pandora work straight out of the box using Firefox.

Youtube and Pandora does NOT work on Chormium out of the box, saying flash is not installed. Obviously flash is installed, but somehow Chormium is not looking in the right area.

I'm sure there is some work around or fix (please provide info), but I'm disspointed that is 2015 and we are STILL at a point where very popular apps are not working out of the box. If I installed the official release of Windows 10 and downloaded Chrome and flash didnt work, entire teams at Microsoft would be getting fired.

And yes, this may be (and probably is) some issue with Chormium in particular, and I would give some slack of I manually compiled and installed Chormium from source, but this is prepackaged in Yast. It should work 100% out of the box.