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Thread: kdewallet broken after yesterdays backup

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    Quote Originally Posted by marodger View Post
    I seems to be an issue with the kde binaries on openSUSE:
    Well, I branched kdebase4-runtime 14.12.2 from KDE:Distro:Factory and built it for 13.2 (without any change). With this I can open the "testcase" wallet from the KDE bug report without problems (it cannot be opened with 14.12.1).

    So it seems that this was rather a KDE bug in 14.12.1, that got fixed in 14.12.2, I'd say (although I don't see any change regarding this...).
    AFAICT, the upstream kwallet maintainer only tried to open that wallet with 14.12.2, where he succeeded of course.

    You can get my 14.12.2 package here, it should work fine with KDE 14.12.1:

    14.12.2 will be released as update for 13.2 anyway, so this problem should hopefully be resolved soon.
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    Default Re: kdewallet broken after yesterdays backup

    The KDE kwallet maintainer has proposed a possible fix meanwhile.
    I created packages for 13.2 and Factory with the patch, see .

    Would be nice if somebody with that problem could test them and provide feedback...

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