I have setup a local mirror using rsync.opensuse.org::opensuse-hotstuff-160gb according to article https://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Mirror_infrastructure. I can access the local mirror over http on the local network without problems, hence I assume setting up this mirror works. For YaST Online Update (YOU) I would like to use the Update Repositories from my local mirror now. Setting this up via YaST produces that a file at ./repodata/xyz.xml.gz could not be found.

I found out that the repomd.xml under /update/13.1/repodata/ on my local mirror is out of date with respect to the other xyz.xml.gz files that it references. I compared the directory content of that folder of my local mirror with the content of the official mirror at http://download.opensuse.org/update/13.1/repodata/

I could see (just from the timestamps of the files) that the official update repository is consistent whereas my local update repository is all over the place in that respect, although the rsync command for updating the local mirror seems to run without error. Is the provided rsync share (opensuse-hotstuff-160gb) somewhat pear-shaped?

Any suggestions are welcome.