I have a question about 13.2 I have a win linux user. But forthe last few months I have stop using Opensuse 11.2 and went to a unbuntu based artistx to do my art work and daily linux stuff but after a repo went down I only had a blank black screen for as a screensaver in June. SO each time I rebulit or refrebed a laptop ... and then I seen the "Countryfried linux" (SP) review and seen that codex and some other things I did like in suse was working,,

The problem is In 11.2 or older I was able to call a local folder a RPM folder .. and there are 10 diffrent folders .. I installed 13.2 32 and 6t4 on respective untis .. the 64 bit can see and read the folder , but under yast GUI I can not get vlc to see at all . I d/l the pacman folder to a usb @ work to use at home ... added to the desktop and added it as repo ..

The internet connetion Ihave is usb tethered cell phone and is not the best speed to add stuff .. it a bit better a than the dialup I had till 8 months ago and that why I built the 20K + repo of difftent rpm,deb, tar and Gzip stuff to keep things easy, but IT seems that Yast or the whatever index of repositories are not seeing all the files in the local (on laptop HDD) folders and allowing me to add stuff ,,, including the Install DVD of 13.2 folder I put local ..