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Thread: Settings and Shortcuts Lost after Restart

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    Unhappy Settings and Shortcuts Lost after Restart

    First I would like to say Hello to everyone, I am a novice user and in fact did my first Linux installation couple weeks ago.

    I use OpenSUSE 13.2 KDE4, pretty fresh installation and have recurring problem. Sometimes when i restart my laptop, couple of things happen. My custom shortcuts, desktop settings and panel are all restored to "default", and the weirdest thing of all is that sometimes nothing happens, sometimes one of the things resets and sometimes all of them. I can't control it.
    Did anyone had this problem? I couldn't find the solution for it.

    Thanks in advance for any feeback.

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    Default Re: Settings and Shortcuts Lost after Restart

    I have had that happen, but not as a problem.

    If I want that to happen, I
    rm -rf .kde4
    so that I can make a fresh start.

    I usually do that once for each new release of opensuse. I actually do:
    mkdir OLD
    mv .kde4 OLD
    so that I can retrieve the settings that I want to retain. I eventually delete OLD.
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    Default Re: Settings and Shortcuts Lost after Restart

    Sounds to me that you (or KDE) switched to a different activity.

    Click on the 3 dots in the panel and choose the "Desktop" activity. Do you get your shortcuts and desktop settings back?
    If not try all of the activities that are listed.

    To prevent that from happening, you could stop (click on the stop button) or even remove all activities except one, if you don't want to use activities anyway.

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    Default Re: Settings and Shortcuts Lost after Restart

    Thanks, I removed all other activities, and hope it will fix it . I have no idea why they would change.

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