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Thread: Kernel panic occurred while using.

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    Default Kernel panic occurred while using.

    HI all, yesterday I have installed opensuse 13.2 into my laptop that have specs:
    intel 4th gen. i7-4700HQ
    8GB 1.600MHz
    SSD 160GB
    HDD 500GB

    The problem is that during the using of PC I receive kernel panic error.

    Occurred during the installation of nano using YAST software.!AgAj2Bpb!pzKeiG...bTOBU28uTLJDio

    Occurred after putting the laptop in standby!gxgHwQQY!K2LWEt...LzAxvLiFpQ7EqE

    While using!AwIQXTqI!M9-5uE...OovZMMoK7CkAIs

    There are a way to resolve it or I have to install another OS?
    If you need more info tell me please.
    Thanks in advance Andrea.

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    Default Re: Kernel panic occurred while using.

    Could be lots of things. So did this start soon after install or just start after you used it for a while. Could be a corrupted file in which case a reinstall may help. It also could be a hardware problem I had this when my very old NVIDIA cards fan died. The card over heated and caused a panic

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