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Thread: Auto Screen Lock ^^

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    Default Auto Screen Lock ^^

    Hello everybody, i have a few question:
    Im using SleS 11 SP 2.

    1. How to set screen to sleep for 15 minutes when the server/desktop is not in use?
    2. How to make user need to key in password to login back when the screen is locked after 15 minutes it not in use?
    3. Im in a distributed monitoring, so i may need a way through GUI and Command line ^^

    Sorry For my bad English, Google translate -.- haha


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    If you are using SUSE Linux Enterprise Server as it appears that you are,
    you may have better, or at least more-targeted, responses from the SUSE
    forums (vs. the openSUSE ones) which are hosted, same username/password,

    With regard to your question, the answers are likely the same. I presume
    you're using Gnome, though knowing for sure matters. This document may help:

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: Auto Screen Lock ^^

    Hi ab!

    Thank you for you help,
    I'll give it a try haha


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