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Thread: Import certificates PK12 to Firefox.

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    Default Import certificates PK12 to Firefox.


    I use OpenSuse 13.2 KDE 64bit. After I successfully fight with mapping the NAS drives, access to local NTFS drives without a password, the sound ... I ran into another problem, which I still can not solve.
    This is an import certificate into Firefox to access my bank GE Money. The first thing and walk it off Java in Firefox, I did, but when I try to import certificates Certificate Manager, nothing happens. I can choose that path, and I see him, but clicking the open nothing happens, no password entry, no nothing and certificate management is still empty. Any ideas how to get it into Firefox? Do Chromium can be imported without any problems, but there again, I could not put into operation Java even though I followed exactly the instructions here:

    I know I read that Google wants to end the possibility of external options, maybe that's associated with it.

    So now I either Firefox with Java without a certificate or Chromium with cetifikátem without Java.

    Import Certificates to Java Tate ran without problems.

    Thanks for the help


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    Default Re: Import certificates PK12 to Firefox.


    I just figured out that when I run Firefox with root privileges from the command line, go normally import certificates, and are seen to approach the bank operates. But if I start Firefox normally, certificates nowhere again (Certificate Manager is empty). Root launch is also a solution, but it does not seem too elegant functionality only as root. I wish I knew where Firefox stores the certificates, I'd try to copy them from the root somewhere where Firefox will also see at a normal startup.

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    Default [SOLVED] Import certificates PK12 to Firefox.

    I solved it,
    if someone had the same problem, I did it this way.

    Firefox launched with root privileges, import the certificates, then we copied the files cert8.db profile root and replaced him with cert8.db from the user profile. Then he sees and Firefox certificates to the bank can be accessed even without root privileges.


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