Today, for the second time since upgrading to 13.2, when I unlocked my screen, my cursor was invisible. I'm able to move it around, select things (with a great deal of trial and error), etc., but I can't see the actual cursor. I upgraded almost as soon as 13.2 came out, so it's not a frequent problem... but I had to reboot both times (and this morning it was very inconvenient). Both times have been in the morning, so the sequence of events is:

I lock the screen and turn off the monitors for the night (I leave it on for remote access, and power management is turned off)

In the morning, I turn on the monitors and unlock the screen

Any suggestions? This never happened with 13.1 (or earlier).

OpenSuSE 13.2 (up-to-date patches)

Dell Optiplex 9020
Intel graphics
3 monitors